How do I use the price level in QuickBooks?

How do I set custom pricing for my items within QuickBooks Desktop?

In QuickBooks Desktop, we support using custom price levels. This means you can have multiple price levels that are set for things such as:

  • Retail pricing vs wholesale pricing
  • Pricing set exclusively for a special customer
  • Using the price listed in QuickBooks for an item, instead of using the one shown in your eCommerce site.

Where do I find this setting in Connex?

In Connex, find your connection:

  1. On the Dashboard, Click Manage for the appropriate connection
  2. Choose Advanced Settings from the list of settings pages on the left.
  3. Select your custom price level from the dropdown from the Use QuickBooks Price Level List.
  4. Click Save Settings


Tip: If you need to add a new price list, do so in QuickBooks, and then go to your dashboard and click "Refresh Drop Downs" on your connection and run your Web Connector


How do I set it up in QuickBooks?

  1. Go to Lists -> Price Level List
  2. Enter a name, and choose "Per Item" from the Price Level Type list
  3. Choose the rates you wish to set on which products, and click "Adjust" and then OK.


Do you support fixed rate custom pricing?

Not at this time. We currently pull a list of all items (Per Item) and search your transactions being pulled into QuickBooks for these products. If we find products that match up, we will set the price value to the one that is displayed on your price level that is selected.

Example Case: Shopify

In this example, we have a product (ABC123) which was sold to Ryan Reynolds for $2.00

Since his Price Level is set to "Retail", we find ABC123 in the Retail Price List table, and set this product to the value listed in QuickBooks.

Customer Job in QuickBooks with Price Level: Retail


Price Level settings in QuickBooks Desktop:

Sales Receipt in QuickBooks being set to the $12.00 rate, instead of the one in Shopify: