Do I need the deposit matching tool, if I create a summary sale?

Since your sales are already summarized, then you need no automated match deposits

What is purpose of the match deposit tool?

Picture having two hundred sales that match a deposit. Our tool downloads a payout from your payment processor, which contains a list of all sales that match the payout. In the QuickBooks deposit, Connex adds the total merchant fees.

How does the summary sale work with the Amazon settlement report?

In this example, we will use the Amazon settlement report. Connex will sync a summary sale whose total equals the Amazon payout. Therefore, there is no need to locate all the sales because they are already summarized. The summary sales receipt already has the total fees. 

Is there a workaround to the summary sale?

The customer name is never used for matching. Therefore, you can add all sales under a single customer name in QuickBooks. 

How does it look in the deposit match window?

In this example, we will use QuickBooks Online. Using another e-commerce solution, here is how it looks:

You see that the $4,877.86 matches a single receipt:

You will see total fees and all the products:

How does the deposit match tool work with summary sales from other e-commerce solutions?

If you use a summary sale from Shopify, then no fees are added. Right now, the summary sale just summarizes a date period and the summary is in no way affiliated with a payout. Some payouts could match summary sales, depending on the date. If you would like to make a feature request that summarizes based on the payout. Other solutions work the same way at this time.