New Connex for QuickBooks User Interface 2023

A guide on our new UI update for 2023

Why are you making this update?

We want to modernize the Connex for QuickBooks UI and reduce friction with our clients. We want to empower our customers to solve their own technical issues, especially with the rules engine.

What are the benefits of the update?

Here are the benefits:

  1. Improved set-up wizard makes adding new selling channels easier. 
  2. Tool tips and settings are better organized. It is easier to configure Connex.
  3. Easier to navigate our dashboard and around our software. Settings like match deposit and delete orders were placed inside of the settings area. Order previewer was placed inside of our rules engine to show the relationship.
  4. Rules engine is more intuitive and easier to understand. It is easier to write rules because we have templates that you can choose.

Is there a demo?

Here is the demo:

Will I experience downtime?

Most of the updates changed the user interface. There should be limited or no downtime. The auto sync should run normally. We have changed the locations of some pages within Connex.

How is this update different from last year?

There are many differences:

  1. Last year, we migrated our data to another database. We are migrating no data. All rules and settings will remain intact. 
  2. QuickBooks Online user had to pair Connex again. There is no need to pair again.
  3. All integrations were updated last year, so we are not discontinuing any integrations.
  4. We have a staging site that we can connect to our live database. It is easier to test and find technical issues than last year. We will release the staging site URL, when it becomes available. For now, we have a demo account.
  5. We have tripled the size of our development team and we have far greater technical resources.

What is the expected release date?

We anticipate early November. We will keep you posted.

Can you roll back to the old UI, if the new UI has problems?

Yes, we can more easily roll back changes if there are many technical issues.