What are common rules with Shopify and Connex?

How to write common rules with Shopify


In the field mapping, QuickBooks and Shopify have many fields that easily match. Shopify and QuickBooks have an order date field. QuickBooks and Shopify have many fields where there is no one to one match, like Shopify location. Connex places these fields inside custom fields. These fields will never appear in QuickBooks, unless you map them.

How do I find the custom fields?

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to orders > order previewer.
  2. Choose Shopify.
  3. Enter the order number.
  4. Click the custom fields tab.

Here is a sample sale:

How do I write a rule to map the QuickBooks Inventory site field to the Shopify location?

Here are the steps:

  1. Click rules > add new rule.
  2. Choose Shopify and enter the order number.
  3. Click advance.
  4. Write this rule:

If the ShopifyLocation does not match the QuickBooks site, how do I map them?

Try this rule: