Why is my inventory off for QuickBooks Online?

Troubleshooting tips for resolving inventory issues between QuickBooks and your website.

Why is my inventory off for QuickBooks Online?

A delay in syncing, a SKU mismatch, and an initial sync cause inventory numbers to show as incorrect.

Brower Cache

Clear your browser cache and look at the front end of your website. Try logging into your website and checking the admin.

Initial Sync

Connex syncs changes from date of install forwards. Our tool sends stock changes and never your entire list. Contact your web site developer about uploading a spreadsheet of products to your selling channel. This ensures a faster update.


Connex syncs two databases and there will always be a period where they are out of sync. Our software sends each update individually and it could take several minutes to complete the process. The inventory sync runs every 15 minutes.

Scheduled Task is Missing

If the task to process updates is missing, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Scroll down to Connex task manager. A row that says inventory should exist.
  3. If it is missing, click manage on the connections grid.
  4. Scroll down to sync direction.
  5. Choose inventory and orders.
  6. Click save.

SKU Mismatch

If your product SKUs in Connex and your website are different, then the sync will fail. In your log, you will see warning messages that says the sync failed for certain SKUs. Our software logs a warning message because some users list only some of their products on their website. Any update to an item will cause the item to sync with your selling channel. 

Is there a log?

If issues persist, instruct Connex to email you a daily copy of the log. Check the email for the day the product was updated. Are there any messages? If issues persist, please contact us with a copy of the email.



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