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Business Validation Error: Transaction detail has tax rate, but corresponding tax or net amount is missing

In some cases, you will receive an error message stating that your orders failed to sync because it supposedly has a missing tax or net amount, or perhaps even sporting a tax rate despite not having any tax whatsoever.

This is due to QuickBooks Online requiring a billing zip code on the order regardless of whether or not it has tax. If you are matching by individual customers (First Name, Last Name; Last Name, First Name; Company; et al), this will rarely be a problem due to such customer matching schemes already containing full billing address information, but you may encounter this if you are matching customers by universal, single name schemes (Single Name, Store Name, etc).


To remedy this, login to Connex, go to Rules Engine->My Rules, click Add New Rule, and create a rule with the Rule Action "Map Billing Postal Code", and the Condition Billing State, Is Empty. Finally, in the Map To section, add a default postal/zip code that will be mapped upon syncing the order through our software.