Can Connex create a credit for an unpaid invoice?

You can credit any unpaid invoice and its balance will show zero.

How does it work?

Here are the steps:

  1. Create the unpaid invoice in QuickBooks first. If you try to sync them all at once, the credit will fail. We suggest deleting the credit memo and resyncing, if you have this scenario.
  2. In Connex, Got to Settings select click Order Settings and go to Refund Management and click Sync Refunds as credit memos to Quickbooks. You must leave the credit card and check fields unselected. By creating a credit card refund or check, the refund has already been applied. Here are the settings:

  3. At a later time, create a refund in your selling channel.
  4. Sync the refund, using Connex.

Here is an example: