Can Connex display compare how a product sells individually versus a kit?

How to pull a report on how items sell in a kit


A new Zelda game is coming out for Nintendo Switch. Joe runs a GameStop store. He sells Nintendo Switch systems and the controllers. Joe needs to know how many controllers to buy. He uses QuickBooks Enterprise, but the weekly sales numbers are incorrect. The first table represents what happened. 

Order Number Order Item Qty
123 Controller 1
124 Switch System (System, Controller 1 System and 1 Controller

The second table is what QuickBooks records:

Order Number Product Qty
124 Switch System 1

In his QuickBooks, the system says he sold 1 controller instead of 2. 

The controller is part of another bundle called Nintendo Switch accessories. If Joe's controller numbers are incorrect, he is unsure how many bundles he can build. The controller is part of two bundles:

Bundle Name Contents
Switch System System, 1 Controller
Nintendo Switch Accessories 1 Controller, 1 Carrying Case


QuickBooks assumes that bundled item components are only sold as part of a bundle. In this case, Joe sells controllers separately. Because his controller is part of a kit, QuickBooks assumes he cannot sell a controller separately. Since Joe cannot accurately predict his sales, he cannot order enough controllers. Joe is unable to predict how many bundles of Nintendo Switch accessories to build.


Connex Reporting will log the bundled item and the components sold:

Order Number Product Qty Price
123 Controller 1 $99
124 System 1 $199
124 Controller 1 $99

To log the components, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click products.
  3. Add all the sub items are individual products.
  4. Click bundle.
  5. Create a new bundle.
  6. Add the sub items with quantities available and unit prices.
  7. Please an order with a bundle.
  8. Sync it to Connex.
  9. Go to products.
  10. Click product details.
  11. In your sales report, the aggregate number sold includes bundles and separate sales.

How do I view a report on how a product sold separately versus in a bundle?

You must find a bundled product, then view the details. Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click products.
  3. Click bundled products.
  4. Expand a bundle and note the name, Garcinia Extract. 
  5. In Connex, go to inventory and click planner.
  6. Locate the Garcinia Extract.
  7. Click the eye icon:
  8. Scroll down to see the chart: