Can Connex perform an initial sync of inventory?

By default, Connex syncs inventory updates from date of install forwards. For paying subscribers, we can sync all items from QuickBooks to your website. Please email us with your Connex user name and website URL.

How often should the web connector run?

We recommend setting your web connector interval to sixty minutes. This gives Connex ample time to complete the sync. If Connex runs your sync in parallel with another sync, it could fail. The solutions we integrate with have a throttling policy, which prevents us from syncing too many items at once. Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure your order sync and inventory sync timers do not overlap.

How does it work?

Here is a detailed explanation:

  1. Open a support ticket with us and request an initial sync.
  2. Our staff will enable a setting that pulls all items from QuickBooks.
  3. Run your web connector.
  4. Connex will hold these items in a database. (to view what remains in the queue, go to the left-hand navigation and expand Orders -> Pending)
  5. After running the Web Connector, we will start attempting to update the products in your eCommerce by batches of eight hundred
    In many cases, the items are sent one by one to your website. Please allow 30 - 45 minutes for this batch to be completed.
  6. Connex logs successful syncs its Inventory Log. All products which failed to update will be sent to the Failed Inventory Log
  7. Connex repeats steps five and six, until the queue is clear.

Note: Since our tool sends items one at a time, on a scheduled basis, we recommend no more than 5,000 products being updated. If you have over this amount, contact your e-commerce solution provider.

Inventory Log Example (trimmed for readability):


Failed Inventory Log Example (trimmed for readability):

How do I access the Pending Queue?

  1. On our dashboard, direct your attention to the left-hand navigation bar and expand Orders. Choose the Pending option.
  2. You will see a table that says Pending Inventory. Listed in that table will be the pending updates we are attempting to send to your eCommerce solution.

If I added rules to map SKUs differently, does the queue show the new SKUs?

Yes, the queue will show you the SKU before (Original SKU) and after your rules have run (SKU).

What is the maximum number of items you can sync?

We recommend no more than 5k-10k. If more are needed, we recommend reaching out to your eCommerce solution provider for an alternative.

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