Can I sync Amazon fees to my orders?

Add fees to shipped sales

What do you recommend?

We recommend using our Amazon settlement report sync or deposit matching, instead of adding fees to each sale. The deposit match will group the sales and match all fees at the end.

If you can wait two weeks for the sales to sync, use the settlement report.

How do I add the fees per sale?

Our software can sync Amazon fees on each shipped sale.  To turn on this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Login to our software.
  2. Click settings.
  3. By default, Connex only syncs shipped orders. If you enabled unshipped orders, you must clear the filter under order settings > sync orders to QuickBooks.
  4. Expand orders settings > sync orders to QuickBooks > merchant fees:
  5. Enter an item name.
  6. Click save.

Our software will add a negative line item beneath each sale. Here is an example: