Connex Inventory Planner Product Roadmap 2024

New features planned

Inventory and Warehouse Features

Stockholding Cost Report

Conduct a thorough examination of the expenses associated with holding inventory. Identify and evaluate factors such as storage, insurance, and obsolescence that contribute to holding costs.


Dead Stock Report

Implement a feature to identify products with low or no sales activity on the Connex-Inventory platform. Generate reports highlighting stagnant inventory, aiding in quick and targeted decision-making.

Expired Stock Management

Track lot numbers and expiration dates. Provide reports on when products will expire. Show stock levels of products minus ones that expire. Enable notifications to promptly inform users about impending or expired stock.

Customer Related Features

Customer Insights

Provide information on customer demographics, including age, location, and other relevant details, aiding in targeted marketing and product positioning. Group customers by email, so you can run mass marketing campaigns on repeat customers.

Refunds Features

Reason Codes

Enable sellers to pinpoint the underlying reasons leading to customer refunds, facilitating targeted improvements. Add a reason code next to each refund. Enable users to group refunds by a code. 

Orders Features

Promotions Management

Enable seamless tracking of promotional activities across various channels, ensuring a cohesive and integrated approach. Provide tools to track and analyze the performance of promotional campaigns, including metrics such as reach, engagement, and conversion rates.

Google Ads Integration

Tie in ads costs to profit reports. See how effective an ad was. Subtract COGS, merchant fees, and Google ads fees to see whether it's profitable.


Create a chart of the United States and a heat map. If most customers are in Miami, then make Miami a different color than Boston. Show a table of cities with the most customers.


Product Attributes

Create a product in Connex. Add attributes, like size and color. Sync products and their attributes from Connex to Shopify and create missing products.


Goal Progress Tracking

Provide users with a clear indication of the percentage completion for each goal.  Integrate a visual progress bar to offer a quick and visual representation of the goal completion status.


Weekly Report Email

Enable the system to automatically send notifications to users at scheduled times, ensuring they receive their weekly reports promptly.

Report Features

Query Based Custom Reports

Allow sellers to define queries to analyze targeted data sets, tailoring insights to their unique business requirements. Provide flexibility in extracting and formatting data, ensuring relevance and usability for the sellers.

User Activity Log

Track specific actions, including product creation, editing, report generation, goal creation, and task management.