Do you support assembly items?

We match the QuickBooks item name and websiteSKU

Is there a demo?

Here is a demo:

Can Connex create missing inventory assembly items in QuickBooks?

Not at this time. We can match the product SKU to the QuickBooks item name of an assembly item. We are working on adding assembly items automatically for a future release of Connex.

Can Connex bring over COGS?

Our software adds a single line item to the order, which matches the assembly item. QuickBooks will debit the COGS account and credit the asset account for the bill of materials. Since we almost never receive COGS, we recommend a mass import of assembly items into QuickBooks.

Why use assembly items?

Here are the reasons:

  1. You can tell how many kits you have left in stock.
  2. You can tell how many kits you can build with raw materials.
  3. The price of a kit matches the price in your selling channel.

What does an assembly look like?

In this example, we created an inventory assembly item called fruit basket. It contains apples and oranges. As we sell more fruit baskets, QuickBooks debits the COGS account and credits the inventory asset account. QuickBooks decrements the quantity on hand of the fruit basket, the apples and oranges.