Do you support split shipments with ShipStation?

A guide on how we merge these sales

How does it work?

For each split shipment, Connex will sync a new order. The order date will remain the same. With ShipStation, you can split a shipment and keep the ship dates the same. If an order was split three times, our tool would create 100, 100-1, and 100-2.

Here is a sample order:

Order Date Number Contents
5/10 100 5 widgets, 10 tennis balls

You are unable to ship the 10 tennis balls on 5/15. You split the shipments. In ShipStation, here is the new sale:

Order Date Number Contents Ship Date
5/10 100 10 widgets 5/15
5/10 100 5 tennis balls 5/17

Here is how Connex handles the sync:

  1. Connex maps the order date as the QuickBooks order date.
  2. Connex syncs sale 100 dated 5/10 with 5 widgets:
  3. On 5/17, you mark sale 100 with 10 tennis balls as shipped. Connex syncs the other part as 100-1 with date 5/10.

How do I set up Connex to handle split shipments?

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click settings.
  3. On the left, click orders to QuickBooks.
  4. In the order status field, enter shipped as the status. This tells Connex to wait for sales to ship, prior to syncing them to QuickBooks. 

If I only sync shipped sales, will Connex filter split shipments?

Yes, Connex will only sync the parts that are shipped. If you split an order into 2 parts and ship part 1, then part 2 will sync to QuickBooks when you ship it.

Is it possible to exclude sales with split shipments?

Each split shipment contains a dash. If your order had three parts, you would have 100, 100-1, and 100-2. You can add a rule saying exclude all sales containing a dash: