Does your connector break out the fees on the Amazon settlement report?

Connex will break out FBA, advertising, discounts, shipping, available, and unavailable balance.

Is there a demo?

Here is a demo:

Connex will show these amounts:

  • Amazon fees, which are the total from sales minus the total from refunds.
  • FBA fees
  • Cost of advertising
  • Other transactions, such as warehouse lost
  • Discounts on sales
  • Discounts on refunds, which show positive if refunds are merged
  • Unavailable balance
  • Previous unavailable balance

What are the benefits of separating fees?

Here are some benefits:

  1. If your sale is incorrect, it is easier for our support to determine the issue. If we see the discounts fail to match, then our staff will review the discounts.
  2. You can track certain kinds of fees in QuickBooks.
  3. Instead of a generic total Amazon fees, you can now better audit the fees that you see from Amazon.

What items does Connex create to separate fees?

Here is a list:

  1. OtherTransaction (Warehouse lost, warehouse damaged, inbound transportation fee, removal complete)
  2. AmazonFBAFees
  3. AmazonAdvertisingFees
  4. AmazonCouponPayment
  5. AmazonCurrentReserveAmount
  6. AmazonPreviousReserveAmount
  7. RefundDiscount

How are shipping and gift wrap fees calculated?

Connex will add line items for shipping and gift wrap, as if you collected sales. If you add Amazon fees, Connex will add the shipping and gift wrap as an expense to cancel it.