Due to a file rebuild, Connex is temporarily unable to sync orders from QuickBooks

Update sales individually or sync them by number


You are trying to sync orders older than 6 months from QuickBooks and you get this error:

Due to a recent company file rebuild or QuickBooks update, Connex is temporarily unable to sync orders from QuickBooks. The sync shall resume normally, after this instance. If sales are missing, open each sale in QuickBooks. Make a minor change and c


Our tool pulls sales by their date modified. If a company file is rebuilt, then several sales are modified. This logic is a safeguard from syncing several hundred unwanted sales from QuickBooks. The logic is run, if QuickBooks returns more than 3,000 modified sales.


Update sales individually

Open each sale and make a minor change, like adding test to the memo, saving it, and removing it. Run your web connector.

Sync manually

Log into Connex. Click manual sync. Under sync orders from QuickBooks, enter a comma separated list of sales. This will prevent Connex from pulling sales by date modified.