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Error 3180: The given record number is not in the Payments to Deposit list

Troubleshooting Error 3180


You are unable to match a payout from your selling channel, using our deposit match tool. You get this error:

Error 3180 : While trying to Add a(n) Deposit with name or order number "..." of Date: "XX/YY/20ZZ" Order Count: XX Channel: https://mysite.myshopify.com, QB responded: There was an error when saving a Deposit line. QuickBooks error message: The given record number is not in the Payments to Deposit list.


This means the payment or sales receipt is missing from undeposited funds.


When Connex attempts to communicate with QuickBooks to match orders and create a deposit, Connex will check the Undeposited Funds account to ensure that all orders within the given deposit date can be found and matched. 

If an order or payment included within the deposit cannot be found or is not recorded in the Undeposited Funds account in QuickBooks, the entire deposit will fail to be created, resulting in the above noted error message.

Here are other causes:

  • The deposit for the day has already been made. 
  • A transaction or payment was recorded with an account other than Undeposited Funds.
  • A transaction or payment on the deposit failed to sync to QuickBooks (i.e. is missing from QuickBooks entirely).
  • A transaction or payment exists in QuickBooks, but the order number on the transaction fails to match any field on the deposit.
  • A transaction or payment exists in QuickBooks, but it is already matches to another deposit. This has happened with Shopify orders, if the sale is edited.


Check for deposit

First, check if the deposit for this day has already been made:

  1. On the bottom right, click check register.
  2. Look for recent deposits.
  3. Double click the deposit and look at the sales. Has the deposit for the day already been made? Has the sale been matched to another deposit?

Check log

Login to Connex and scroll down to errors. Filter the log. Are the orders missing? If so, run a manual sync.

Order number

If you use Amazon, Stripe, Square or Shopify, then there is no issue. If you use another brand, the payment reference number must match the order number in your selling solution. For Square or Stripe, their reference number must exist in the memo field. Please reach out to us, if this fits your scenario.