How can I download products from my selling channel into Connex Inventory Planner?

How to sync products from your selling channel to Connex, so you can update them


Out of box, Connex downloads products from your channel when our tool syncs orders. Connex performs a two way sync of products and you cannot perform the sync, unless products exist in Connex first. In this guide, we will sync products from Shopify to Connex.

What channels are compatible?

Our software can sync products independently of orders for Shopify at this time.

How do I set up the integration?

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click connections.
  3. Choose your Shopify connection.
  4. Under product settings, enable sync products from Shopify to Connex.
  5. Set the product download dates to yesterday and tomorrow.
  6. Click save.

How does it work?

Click your name on the top. Click tasks. Connex creates a scheduled task called products from selling channel. This task runs in the background independently. Our software pulls recently created or modified products from your selling channel. Connex will add them to our database.

What is the field mapping?

Here is the field mapping from Shopify:

Shopify Connex
Sku Sku
Title Name
Sales Price Sales Price
Quantity on Hand Quantity on Hand