How does the company and customer name map from QuickBooks Desktop?

A guide on how our tool maps full name and company on orders.

How does it work?

Each sale has two identifiers. One is called customer full name. The second is called company name. Our tool maps line one as the full name and line two as the company:

How does company name mapping work?

Our tool pulls the company name from the customer record. In this example, we map Sync with Connex:

If the order has a line with attn on it, then we would map from the order. In this case, we would map ABC as the company:

How does full name mapping work?

Our tool takes the first line of the address and maps it as the full name. In the preceding example, the full name field is Joseph Anderson. If you want the company to map as the full name, enter the company on line one of the address.