How do I close the sales order, if the order has shipped?

Add a rule saying close if shipped

Is there a demo?

Here is the demo:

How do I enable this feature?

You must export sales before and after shipment. Then, add a rule saying only close shipped sales.

Add Status

Instruct Connex to sync sales before and after shipment. Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click settings.
  3. Click order settings > orders to QuickBooks > manual sync.
  4. Next to order statuses, enter one of these values:
    1. For ShipStation, enter awaiting_shipment,shipped.
    2. For Shopify, enter paid,fulfilled

Add Tax Rule

In Connex, click settings and click sales tax. If you add tax as a line item, you must map the sales tax to an inventory part. Otherwise, the sales order fails to close:

  1. In Quickbooks, go to lists > item list.
  2. Click new.
  3. Choose inventory.
  4. Enter SalesTaxInventoryItem
  5. In Connex, go to rules > my rules.
  6. Choose map field, based on condition.
  7. In the action field, enter map sales tax item name.
  8. Under rules, enter order total tax, more than, 0.
  9. In the last field, enter SalesTaxInventoryItem.

Add Rule

Instruct Connex to only close sales orders with an invoice for shipped sales. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Connex rules engine.
  2. Click add new rule.
  3. In the list of templates go to page two and select Import No Invoice to Close Sales.
  4. Scroll down the bottom of the form and click submit.

Sync Order

Here are the steps to test:

  1. Create a new sale in ShipStation and do not ship it.
  2. Sync the sale to QuickBooks. Connex will create a sales order.
  3. Ship the sale in ShipStation. The sale must have a tracking number on the top right of ShipStation. Here is an example shipment in ShipStation.
  4. Connex will create an invoice to close the sale.