How do I import mulitple tax rules?

Connex allows up to 1,000 tax rules to be uploaded into a single account. This is ideal if you charge tax in multiple states or if you charge a different rate per city.

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. On our dashboard, click manage.
  3. Expand sales tax.
  4. In the sales tax grid, click import.
  5. Download this sample spreadsheet
  6. Upload the spreadsheet.

How do the fields map?

Here is a list:

Field Meaning Notes
City If the city and state matches, then Connex uses this tax code.  
Region If the city and county are blank and if the order's U.S. state / Canada region match, then use this code.  
TwoLetterISO Two letter country code, like US or CA for Canada.  
TaxCode In QuickBooks, go to lists > item list. Filter by sales tax items. This is the QuickBooks tax code that Connex will use.  
County Connex can match tax codes by the city's county and U.S. state. This setting is ideal, if your tax rates change by county.