How do I manually resync deposits?

How to resync, after fixing order syncing issues

When would I need to resync?

Go to sync activity > errors in Connex to see why the match failed.

You have received log errors that products are mismatched, so sales fail to sync. This means the deposit match failed. Here is an example error message:

Item 25th-MD on order #334992 is missing from QuickBooks. Create the item or use the Connex product mapping tool to map this item to an existing product.

Once you fix the error, resync your deposit.

How do I resync?

In this case, we will resync the deposit:

  1. Log into Connex.
  2. Click settings > order setting > match deposit.
  3. Wait for the fields to be populated.
  4. Find out what the payout was created in Shopify. Let's assume the payout was created on May 14th.
  5. Set the payouts after to 5/14 and click submit: