How do I map fields from QuickBooks to ShipStation Custom Fields?

This article demonstrates how to map QuickBooks fields such as PO Number, Other, and other standard fields from your QuickBooks to ShipStation

How many custom fields can I map to?

  • Connex supports syncing from QuickBooks Desktop to ShipStation, and allows you to map up to three Custom Fields in ShipStation

My PO Number used to come over automatically from QuickBooks, why did this change?

  • In Q2 2022, we decided to give our Connex customers the flexibility to choose what fields to map to ShipStation via our rules engine, instead of sending them by default for all users.
  • To map fields, follow the instructions below

Creating a rule to map QuickBooks standard fields, to ShipStation Custom Fields

In this example, we will map the PO Number from the QuickBooks standard field, to ShipStation's "Custom Field 1" field.

Creating the rule directions

  1. Head to our Rules Engine
  2. Click Add New Rule
  3. Choose Map field, based on a condition
  4. Give your rule a name that helps you keep track of its function. Something like "Map Custom field from X to Y".
  5. What action would you like to take? -> Map Custom Field.
  6. What conditions need to be met for this rule to execute? -> See screenshot below:
  7. In the What should the value be? field enter, CustomField1.

If Custom Field 1 is already mapped, you can also map to "CustomField2", or "CustomField3"

What are the results?

Here is my Invoice in QuickBooks with the PO Number as "123"

In ShipStation, here is the order with the same value in Custom Field 1: