How do I map multiple SKUs to a single product?

How to map products.

What is the scenario?

You are selling on Amazon and Shopify. The same product has different SKUs:

Product Channel SKU
W5-5JTZ-4M82 Amazon W5-5JTZ-4M82
W5-5JTZ-4M82 Shopify 7063

This can happen for many reasons:

  1. Typos in the selling channels. A user entered the wrong SKU.
  2. You can have multiple Amazon listings for the same product. Each listing must have a different SKU.

How do I fix these issues?

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex Inventory Planner.
  2. Go to products.
  3. Click the all inventory report. Enter 7063 and W5-5JTZ-4M82. Notice how you have 2 different products.
  4. Click product mapping.
  5. Enter W5-5JTZ-4M82 as the product to map from and 7063 as the product to map to in Connex. TO DO ENTER SCREEN SHOT
  6. Click all inventory.
  7. Enter 7063.
  8. You will see higher numbers because sales with W5-5JTZ-4M82 have been merged with sales from 7063.

How does this work?

Go through orders from the last 90 days and change the product ID. TO DO:

  1. Select * from OrderItems where ProductId = OLD Product.
  2. Update OrderItems Set ProductId = NewProductId (from mapping tool) where ProductId = OldProductId.