How do I map the selling channel?

How to map the ShipStation selling channel field, using the rules engine


You are matching the ShipStation selling channel name to the QuickBooks customer name field. For this article we will walk through the steps for one setup of the rule that should be adaptable to many different situations: In ShipStation, the name is Amazon while in QuickBooks, the name needs to appear as


This rule will map any selling channel containing Amazon to in QuickBooks:

  1. Navigate to the Connex Dashboard..
  2. Click Rules Engine > My Rules.
  3. Click Add New Rule.
  4. Choose Map field, based on condition.
  5. As the action, choose Map Selling Channel.
  6. In the rules grid, compare the selling channel field. In the field to check, enter Selling Channel. Enter Equals as the comparison and enter Amazon as the initial value.
  7. Save the rules form.
  8. In What should the value be? area of the rule, enter
  9. Select Submit at the bottom of the form.


Once this is done your rule is all set! You can use our order previewer to check and see if the rules changes have taken effect.