How do I pair different marketplaces in the U.S.?


You have an Amazon connection in Connex for QuickBooks for one of your two marketplaces. You have a second marketplace in Amazon North America. When you try to pair it, the first connection in Connex is updated.


Connex only allows one Amazon connection called


Change the connection URL:

  1. Sign into Amazon as the marketplace that you want to pair:
  2. Login to Connex.
  3. Click update selling channel URL on the connections grid.
  4. Choose your connection.
  5. Change the website to anything you wish:
  6. In QuickBooks, open your web connector and remove the connection.
  7. From our dashboard, click pairing file.
  8. Click the pairing file to pair it with QuickBooks. Since you changed the website name, your pairing file will no longer work.
  9. Click add connection.
  10. Choose Amazon.
  11. You will pair the new marketplace.