How do I see a report on Amazon Fees?

A profit per product per order


Connex Inventory can show you a list of orders with their fees. Our tool will show you product profit per order. This is helpful to manage your fees. Our tool will compare the fees to the overall total. If you had $15 in Amazon fees on a $100 sale, then fees were $15% of your sale. 

How are the formulas calculated?

Here is a list:

  1. Gross is the total of all sales.
  2. Shipping holdback fees are the shipping fees from Amazon. This prevents sellers from selling a $1 product and charging $15 to ship it.
  3. Average cost is the average cost per product times the quantity on all sales. If the average cost was $10 and $100 units were ordered, then the average cost is $1,000. Average cost comes from the QuickBooks integration. If there is no QuickBooks integration, go to products and click the products tab. Adjust the unit cost field.
  4. Warehouse fees are the sum of Amazon FBAPerUnitFulfillmentFee.
  5. Selling Fees are the Amazon commission.
  6. Total advertising fees. Pair the Amazon ads connection. Connex will group the report by date and product. Our tool will aggregate the fees. If the date was Sept. 1 - Sept. 30 for ads and you spent $50 on ads, then your ad fees are $50.
  7. Total Net Amazon Fees are the gross minus the fees.
  8. Profit is 1 minus warehouse fees percent, selling fees percent, and COGS percent.

What does it look like?

Here is the parent grid:

Here is the detail: