How do I sync a price level with QuickBooks Desktop?

Create a rule to map price levels on criteria

What is a price level?

A price level is a list of prices for a customer. The price level overrides the price from your selling channel. Price levels are usually used with ShipStation, though all channels are compatible. A customer sells wholesale and the user sends Connex a $0 sale, since Connex will override the price. Here is an example $0 sale from ShipStation:

Connex looks at the price level in your rules, then assigns the price from QuickBooks. Here is a price level:

Solved: Price Levels

How do I set up price levels in Connex?

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click rules engine.
  3. Select ShipStation.
  4. Use the rule template called map order price level.
  5. In the conditions, choose the condition. Usually, users compare a list of ShipStation selling channels.
  6. Enter the price level from QuickBooks.
  7. Click submit.

How do the fields map and why do I receive a $0 price in QuickBooks?

We map the QuickBooks price level custom price to QuickBooks. If the custom price is $0, then you will receive a $0 item in QuickBooks. If you mapped a price level, ensure the product exists in the price level. Otherwise, we will map $0.

I receive an error that my product has no custom price

Here is the full error:

Although MY PRODUCT NAME exists in the Sales Price price list, it has no custom price. Please enter a custom price in QB. Connex will use the price from your ordering solution.

In QuickBooks, follow these steps:

  1. In QuickBooks, go to lists > price level list.
  2. Locate the price level that you use.
  3. Verify that the QuickBooks item name exists in the price level. If the product is missing, then add it. Click OK.
  4. Delete and resync your sale.