How do I sync an item with a kit to Connex Ecommerce Analytics?

How to separate bundled sub items into separate line items in Connex

Business Problem

A company wants to predict how much raw materials to order to build kits. Connex can predict how many products to order, based on previous order history. You must instruct Connex to sync the sub items of the bundle to Connex.


We will create an item called TennisKit in Connex, create an order in Shopify, and instruct Connex to insert the sub items into the orders table. This ensures proper reporting and inventory planning.

The order must sync from your selling channel to Connex. We do not support syncing sales from QuickBooks to Connex and inserting sub items at this time.

Add bundled product

In Connex, go to products and click bundled items. Add a bundled product:

Here is the end result:

In Shopify, create an order with a kit:

Adjust Settings

  1. On the top of Connex, click connections.
  2. Select your channel.
  3. Under order settings, select Bundled Items Added as Line Items.

How does the sale appear in Connex?

When Connex inserts the Shopify sale into our database, our software pulls the sub items and adds the SKU, quantity, and unit price in Connex products table:


Shopify does not send a quantity and unit price for bundled sub items. Connex makes the order appear that the items were sold separately.

Here is how it will appear:

Order Number Name SKU Quantity Sales Price
JMA1185 WM-4000 6020 5 200
JMA1185 Water Bottle 4922 10 10

Without the setting, the sub items are never taken out of inventory:

Order Number SKU Price
JMA1185 TennisKit 300