How do I sync manual shipments from ShipStation?

Clear the status field or add manual shipment


Your sales from ShipStation fail to sync to QuickBooks.


Amazon orders are fulfilled by merchants or fulfilled by Amazon. Merchant fulfilled orders are shipped through ShipStation. They receive tracking numbers and a shipment label.

With Amazon FBA, you ship products to Amazon and they ship to your customers. These sales are marked as shipped in ShipStation, but they have no shipment label. If you wait for sales to ship before importing to QuickBooks, then the sync would miss these sales.

Orders shipped FBA have no shipment date or tracking number. Go to orders and click order previewer. Enter the order number and click the shipping details tab. Here is an example sale:

Attached below: No shipment label

Attached below : Connex order previewer cannot see tracking info for manual shipments

How do I import sales marked as shipped, but shipped by Amazon?

There are two ways:

  1. Log into Connex. Click settings and orders to QuickBooks. Clear the order status field. You can also try adding shipped and fulfilled if they are manually shipped in Shipstation
  2. In the order status field, enter manual_shipment,shipped. This will pull sales that are shipped through ShipStation and sales that are shipped by Amazon FBA.