How do I sync orders when they ship and other order statuses?

Use the Connex order status field to wait for orders to reach a certain status.

How does Connex query ShipStation sales?

By default, Connex will sync orders as soon as they are created in ShipStation. Other statuses use the date modified field. This changes, if you make an update to the sale like saving the notes field. Order created is only set once the sale is first imported. You can query sales using these statuses:

Status Field Queries Notes
Awaiting Shipment Order Date Modified Almost never used. Sales that reach ShipStation usually say awaiting shipment.
Shipped Ship Date Field If you print a label in ShipStation, then our tool would pick up the sale.
On Hold Order Date Modified Almost never used.
Fulfilled Order Fulfillment Date If the order appears on the fulfillment tab, it is reached here.
Manual Shipment Order Date Modified Orders are marked as shipped in ShipStation, but you never printed a shipping label.

How do I update the order status field in Connex?

If you want Connex to insert the tracking number and date onto orders, you need to export shipped orders. Here are the steps: 

  1. Log into your Connex account.
  2. On the top menu, click settings.
  3. Select order setting.
  4. Select orders to QuickBooks.
  5. In the Order Statuses: field, enter shipped.
  6. Click save at the bottom of the page.