How do I troubleshoot the match deposit tool for QuickBooks Desktop?

A high level guide to troubleshooting deposit match issues


Connex fails to match payouts and deposits.


The most common reasons are misconfiguration, missing sales, or refunds. Usually, a product matching issue prevents sales from syncing and deposit matching fails.


Missing Refunds

Ensure Connex creates credit card refunds:

  1. In Connex, go to settings > order setting> refund management.
  2. Ensure create credit card refund is selected. If not, select it and click save. 
  3. Delete credit memos that match the payout.
  4. Click dashboard.
  5. Click manual sync.
  6. Resync your sales. Connex will recreate the credit memo and credit card refund.

Missing Sales Due to Filter

The top reasons are mismatched products and a filter excluding sales. First, check your settings:

  1. Go to settings > order setting.
  2. Make sure the status field is blank:
  3. If the field has a value, clear it. Click save. Resync your sales.

Second, check the products tab. If you have mismatched products, map them. Resync your sales.


Make sure you selected a bank account and a valid fee account. Here is an example:

Log Says Missing Sales

Log into Connex and click sync activity. Click errors. If the log says Connex cannot find sales, ensure all sales exist. If you altered the order number, memo or date fields you must fix the sale.

If you sync orders using the next QuickBooks number, then Connex matches the QuickBooks memo field and the order number. Here is the logic to matching sales:

  • If you use invoices, do all the payments for payout exist in QuickBooks? The memo field should equal the order number. 
  • If you use sales receipts, do all the sales receipts for payout exist in QuickBooks? The memo field should equal the order number
  • If you use sales receipts and the order number is longer than 11 characters, confirm that the QuickBooks memo field equals the order number. If you use Amazon, all order numbers are longer than 11 characters. Here is an example:
  • For Amazon, the date of the sales receipt or payment should fall between the 14 days of the settlement report.

Connex matches credit card refunds. Ensure the refund exists:

  1. In QuickBooks, go to the customer center.
  2. Find the customer.
  3. Show all transactions:
  4. If the transaction is missing, go to lists > customer and vendor profile lists > payment method list.
  5. Look up the payment method.