Getting Started: How do I use the goals feature?

A guide on how to get notified

What are goals?

Connex can notify you, if a financial event has happened at your company. One goal type is refunds. If you receive 5 refunds in a day, Connex will add a notification on your dashboard. Daily at midnight, Connex will evaluate your goals. If a condition is met, Connex will notify you.

How do I get to goals?

Login to Connex. On the left, click goals.

How do I add a goal?

On the goals grid, click add goal:

How do I get alerted?

Connex will email you or place alerts under notifications and you will see alerts on the dashboard:

What goals are available?

Here is a list:

Name Example
Total Revenue Alert me, if I make $10,000 in a day.
Number of orders Alert me, if I make 100 orders in a day.
Number of refunds Alert me, if I make 10 refunds in a day.
Total refunds dollars Alert me, if I refund more than $5,000 in a day.
Total products units sold Alert me, if I sold more than 100 units of red t shirts.
Total revenue specific U.S. state Alert me, if I make more than $100,000 in Massachusetts