How do the fields map between Shopify and Connex

Screenshots on how the sale maps

How does payment method map?

Out of box, Connex maps the phrase credit card as the payment method. In January 2024, Shopify made an update where they changed how we receive payment methods. For each sale, Connex must make a round trip to Shopify to pull payment methods. Here is a payment method on a sale:

This process is fine for less than two hundred sales or less. To pull payment methods, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Go to settings > order settings > advanced > misc. settings.
  3. Click pull payments separately.
  4. Click save.

If you select pull payments separately, Connex will map the order exchange rate and any Shopify fees on the sale. You must enable merchant fee mapping and exchange rates, so Connex adds these fields.

How do discounts map?

There are two types of discounts. The first is an order discount. This means the user applied a coupon code. The discount will appear on the bottom of the QuickBooks sale:

The second type is a product level discount. When the user checks out, each item has a specific discount. If the item is $100 and a 15% coupon, Connex syncs the price as $85. You will see no coupon. We sync discounts in this way, since the discount code is mapped to no specific item.

In Shopify, I mark products as no restock when I create a refund. How does Connex map products?

When a user creates a refund, the user can mark the products as restock. If you sold a pair of Jeans and the customer wanted a return, you can restock the jeans and resell them. If you sold food and the user consumed the food, then there is no way to restock. Here is the field in Shopify:

Connex will create a product called ShopifyNoRestock:

How does Connex map the payment reference number?

It is possible for an order to have multiple payments. For example, a user can pay cash and credit card. Connex looks for duplicate payments by order number, date and payment amount. To ensure orders can accept multiple payments, Connex maps the reference number to PayPal payments. Shopify payments will map the order number. Here is an example:

To map the order number from Shopify, like JMA1171, follow these steps:

  1. Go to our rules engine.
  2. Click add rule.
  3. Select Shopify.
  4. Choose the rule template, Map Reference Number as Order Number.
  5. Uncheck the order number field and click submit.
  6. On the rules page, click submit again to create the rule.

How do the other fields map?

Here is Shopify:

Here is an order in QuickBooks


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