How does Connex Inventory Planner work when my product has no SKU?

Map the SKU, delete and resync sales

What if my product has no SKU and I fail to map it?

Here is the scenario:

  1. Create an order in Shopify.
  2. Select a product where the product SKU field is blank.
  3. Sync the order to Connex.
  4. Connex uses the product SKU from Shopify to match the Connex products table. Since the product has no SKU, Connex uses the SKU unknown.
  5. Connex fails to calculate total profit because product matches no product in Connex. Some reports in Connex are incorrect. If you use the Amazon dashboard, your percentages are wrong because your product has no cost of goods sold.

What if I fix the SKU in my selling channel?

Future sales will sync with the proper SKU. Previous sales, even if deleted and resynced, will have the blank SKU.

How do I map SKUs?

Map the SKU, delete and resync the sale. Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex Inventory Planner.
  2. Click products.
  3. Click the product mapping tab.
  4. Enter the product SKU in Connex Inventory Planner that matches the unknown SKU. (TO DO: Add screenshot)
  5. Delete all sales that have the unknown product SKU. (TO DO add screenshot)
  6. Click connections.
  7. Select your channel.
  8. Under order settings, resync the date range of the sale.