How does Connex match multiple refunds on the same order?

Connex can sync multiple refunds on the same sale

Do you support multiple refunds on the same order?

Yes, Connex will create two refunds with the same number. Connex can sync multiple refunds, if the order dates and amounts are different.

Here is a data set:

Data set

Order Number Refund Date SKU Qty Amount
123 4/11/2023 Jeans 1 $50
123 4/12/2023 Belt 1 $25

In this case, Connex will create two credit memos whose number is 123. Each credit memo will have the item refunded. 

How does your logic work?

  1. Does a refund with the same order number exist in QB?
  2. If so, is the amount the same?
  3. If so, is the date the same?

Does this work with QB Online and Desktop?

For now, it works with QB Desktop. If you use QB Online, please send us an order number with date and customer name. We will take a look.