How does inventory management work with QuickBooks and the inventory planner?

Use QuickBooks to manage inventory


You can still use QuickBooks to manage inventory. Connex Inventory Planner is meant to show reports and is no procurement management tool like QuickBooks.

Do I turn off inventory management with QuickBooks Online?

Leave inventory management activated within QuickBooks Online.

How do I manage inventory in QuickBooks?

You can create a purchase order and receive items with a bill. You can perform an inventory adjustment. For more info, read these guides:

What benefits does the planner offer over QuickBooks?

Here is a table:

Feature QuickBooks Planner Notes
Purchase orders and bills Yes No  
Order management Yes No  
Invoice customers Yes No  
Multi-currency Yes No  
Pay employees Yes No  
Pay vendors Yes No  
Track quantity on hand by bin Yes No  
Forecast sales No Yes  
Forecast quantity to order No Yes  
Integrate with selling channel No Out of box, no add-on  
Record expenses from selling channels No Out of box, no add-on  
Visual charts No Many charts and tables QuickBooks has some outdated charts in the custom reports area.
Easily Share reports No Yes QuickBooks has a 5 user limit and you must lock down users from viewing certain areas. You must purchase a remote desktop, which is an additional fee.
Break Even Report No Yes  
Two Way Product Sync No Yes Connex can sync product updates to various selling channels. 
Forecast Reorder Points No Yes  
Goals Notifications No Yes Connex can notify you if a financial event happened, like time to reorder or you received many refunds.
Amazon Dashboard to Manage Fees No Yes