How does metered billing work?

A guide on how we bill for metered usage.

Why would I want metered billing?

There are several advantages:

  1. You never run out of sales. Prior to metered billing, Connex would stop working. You would buy orders in batches of 2,000 sales.
  2. If you failed to use sales in your subscription period, then you would lose them. You could pay for more than you need.

What is the price?

As of 8/17/2021, we charge .10 up to 24,000 sales. After 24,000 sales, the price is .05 an order.

Do you have a scenario?

Here is a scenario:

  1. Your plan has a maximum of 36,000 sales.
  2. You process 70,000 sales.
  3. Your bill rate is .10 an order for the first 24,000. After, the rate is .05 an order.
  4. Your overage is .10 * 24,000 for $2,400. Your second overage is .05 *10,000 for 500. Your total is $2,900.
  5. Connex will bill at the $200 threshold or monthly.