How does sales by product work?

A list of formulas

What fields are available?

Connex will list these fields:

  1. Amount is the total sales in dollars for a product.
  2. Percent of income is amount field divided by total sales for all products. If the product sold $100 out of $1,000 in sales for all products, this field is 10%.
  3. Average sales price is the sales price per unit for the product.
  4. COGS is (Quantity Sold in Period * Unit Cost)
  5. Gross Margin (Order total of products in a period) - (COGS). If you had 10 orders for $100 each and 5 had product A, your order total is $500. Your total sales were $1000. Your cost per product is $10. Your COGS are $50. $500 - $50 means your gross margin is $450.
  6. Gross Margin Percent (Gross Margin of Product) / (Gross Margin of all products) $450 / $1,000 is 45%.
  7. Net Profit Margin of Product (Gross Margin) - (Merchant/Amazon Fees). This includes Amazon commissions and credit card processing fees. Gross margin is your unit costs.
  8. Net Margin of Product % versus Total Net Margin

Here is an example report: