How does the match deposit tool match sales, payments, and refunds?

Deposit matching uses the order number and date

How does Connex match refunds?

If you use QuickBooks Desktop, Connex creates a credit card refund after creating a credit memo. Connex uses the order date and memo fields from the credit card refund.

If you use QuickBooks Online, Connex creates a refund receipt. Connex uses the same matching. Here is a credit card refund from QuickBooks Desktop:

How does Connex match the sales receipts?

Although the examples use QuickBooks Desktop, the logic for QuickBooks Online is identical. Our tool matches the order number from your selling channel to the QuickBooks order number or memo field.

If you use the next number in QuickBooks, we map the transaction date and order number with the QuickBooks memo field. below is an example of a sale that would match your Amazon order 112-2989586-5872247 placed on 2/25:

How does Connex match payments?

If you sync invoices and payments, our tool checks the QuickBooks payment memo field: