How does your inventory planner module work?

List of fields and formulas in the Connex Inventory Planner module

What fields are available?

Here is a list:







Sales Velocity

Total Units Sold in Period / Period in Days

On average, number of units sold per day. If you sold 30 items in 30 days, your velocity is 1.

Supply Days Remaining

Quantity On Hand / Sales Velocity

Number of days before you run out of stock. Calculated by the units in stock divided by the sales velocity.

Safety Stock

(Product.MaxLeadTime * Highest Number of Units Sold Per Day in Period) - (Product.AverageLeadTime * Average Number of Units Sold Per Day in Period)

When your product quantity on hand reaches the safety stock amount, you should reorder.

Demand Forecasting

Sales Velocity * Product.MaxLeadTime

How much to reorder, once you reach safety stock. Calculated by the sales velocity times the maximum lead time.

Units Sold

Number of Units Sold In Period

Number of units sold, based on the date range specified.

Quantity on Hand


Number of units available to sell.

Quantity on Order


Number of units that are on their way to you from a supplier.

Quantity Reserved


Quantity that is on hold or reserved, usually on a sales order.

Stock Value

(Quantity on Hand + Quantity on Order + Quantity on Hold) * Product.UnitCost

Value of inventory on hand. Calculated by the quantity on hand times the unit or average cost.

Max Lead Time


Maximum number of days it takes for your supplier to send inventory. Editable on the products page.

Average Lead Time


Average number of days it takes for the supplier to send products. Editable on the products page.

Units in Stock

(Quantity on Hand + Quantity on Order + Quantity on Hold)


Stock Turnover Rate

((Product.UnitCost or Product.AverageCost if from QuickBooks) * Units Sold) / Units in Stock

The number of times inventory is sold and replaced during a given accounting period. A high ratio means sales are strong. Calculated by the COGS * Units Sold / UnitsInStock

Forecast COGS

Cost from (SalesVelocity * UnitCost)

Cost from (SalesVelocity * UnitCost)

Forecast Gross Profit

Profit from (SalesVelocity * (UnitPrice - UnitCost))

Profit from (SalesVelocity * (UnitPrice - UnitCost))

Forecast Quantity Sold

SalesVelocity * DateDiff

SalesVelocity * DateDiff