How is Connex Inventory Planner different than other ShipStation integrations?

Here is a list:

  1. Connex is a financial software company. We are specialize in reports that optimize your profits. Other companies offer reports, but it is not their specialty.
  2. Peace of mind knowing that your inventory will remain in stock without overstocking.
  3. Connex gives you actionable information. We have a notifications module that can tell you when something has happened. For example, it's time to reorder. You received 10 refunds today. You reached a revenue goal.
  4. With Connex, you can compare different products or the same products over time. You can tell what products to keep and what products to discontinue.
  5. Connex syncs with the QuickBooks Desktop valuation summary. You can tell the value and quantity of an item in stock. If that item is a low performer, you know to discount or dispose of the item.
  6. Our software syncs with multiple sales channels.
  7. For our profits report, we can take these fees into account:
    1. ShipStation shipping cost
    2. QuickBooks average cost. This is more reliable than unit cost because product cost can change per order. The cost of sweaters in 2022 might be different than 2023, so orders from 2022 would have a different cost.
  8. If ShipStation does not have the data, you can connect to Amazon or the selling channel directly. ShipStation fails to pull in some data from selling channels, like merchant fees. 
  9. All of our integrations are built and managed by us. If there is an issue, contact us.
  10. ShipStation has no partial refund support. This means your refunds will fail to sync properly to any accounting tool, unless you connect the channel directly. Reports on refund management and inventory planning are skewed with other tools.
  11. Connex is a catalog management solution. Our planner can sync product changes to other selling channels, including new or updated products. ShipStation does not sync product updates, like stock and pricing, back to channels. You cannot sync inventory to ShipStation and have ShipStation sync to your channels.
  12. Connex offers many more charts and graphs on product sales than ShipStation.
  13. Connex offers demand planning for inventory. Based on previous order history, Connex can tell you how much, what, and when you should order products.
  14. Connex can help you manage your Amazon expenses. If you need 50% profit from Amazon, you can use Connex to break down expenses and explain why they are so high in many areas.