How should I map tax?

You can add tax as a line item or map taxcodes.

Do you have a demo?

Here is a demo:

Should I use tax codes?

If you need to group orders by county or state, then map tax codes. Our tool sends the order to QuickBooks without tax, the has QuickBooks recalculate the tax. You need a code for each rate that you charge. 

Can Connex map grouped tax codes?

Yes, Connex can map tax codes that contain sub items. In Connex, expand sales tax on our configure page. Add a mapping with a city or county. Add another mapping just with the state and county. This is your fallback, if no counties or cities match.

Can Connex map tax codes by county?

Yes, you can map by county. Login to Connex. Click Settings. Expand Sales Tax. 

Some cities exist in multiple counties, such as Columbus, Ohio. At this time, our software is not built to choose the proper county, based on postal code. In this case, add a tax mapping. Enter the city as Columbus. We recommend using a 3rd party service for these complex scenarios.

Should I use a 3rd party service?

Assuming they integrate with your site and you can afford them, then we recommend using one. You could get by if you had one state and one tax rate, but for different rates and different states we recommend a 3rd party. Connex integrates with Avalara out of box, but any solution should work.

Should I map tax as a line item?

Mapping tax as a line item is ideal, if you charge multiple rates per state. If you charge no tax, then select tax as a line item. It shall never map any tax. Mapping tax as a line item will fail to group order tax by county or state.