2. Connex for QuickBooks User Guide
  3. Getting Started with Connex for QuickBooks

Getting Started with Connex for QuickBooks: Intro to the Dashboard

The Connex dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of the Connex account.

What can I do on the dashboard?

On our dashboard, you can perform these functions:

  • Adjust settings
  • Run a manual sync to or from QuickBooks
  • Back up and restore settings
  • View a list of successful and unsuccessful syncs
  • Adjust sales tax settings
  • Map mismatched products

How do I adjust settings?

On the top menu, you can adjust the settings of any selling channel:

How do I run a manual sync?

You can run a manual sync to or from QuickBooks. Click the green arrows on the right of any selling channel:

How do I back up and restore?

You can easily back up and restore settings. Click the download icon to back up:

Click the eye icon to see the restore screen. You can choose from the last 5 back ups to restore:

How do I view a log of recently synced sales and stock changes?

Our dashboard will show a list of recent syncs:

Click sync activity on the top menu. You can see sync failures and successes.

How do I adjust sales tax?

Click sales tax on the top menu. By default, Connex adds tax as a line item. You can map QuickBooks tax codes, if this feature is enabled in QuickBooks.

How do I update mismatched products?

Connex will notify you, if products are mismatched between QuickBooks and your channel. Click products on top: