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  3. Customer Matching Troubleshooting

My QuickBooks customer and selling channel customer do not match

How to fix customer matching errors


Connex failed to sync my sale.


Connex logged an error that my QuickBooks and selling channel customer are mismatched.


Choose the proper matching field

Login to Connex and click settings. Click customer match. Choose the proper field. If you perform a two way sync of sales with ShipStation, select billing full name as the customer match. This will match the ShipStation bill to name field with the QuickBooks display name as field.

For more info on field matching, read these guides:

Fix the customer in QuickBooks or the selling channel

Open the sale in your selling channel. Open the customer record. Change the customer name or company. Here is an example from ShipStation:

Resync your sale.

Create a rule

For more info, read this guide.

Disable missing customer matching

Connex creates new customers by default. To disable, read this guide.