My rules do not work

Common reasons for rules failures


You added a rule, but it fails to map fields as desired.


Your rule has the wrong action, wrong field or wrong field value to compare. If you said map all Walmart orders to sales receipts and the store is Target, then the rule would fail.


Wrong field or wrong field value chosen

Go to orders > order previewer in Connex. Enter an order number and choose a selling channel. Review the list of fields and values. Review your rule and choose the proper field.

You can try deleting and readding the rule:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Go to rules > my rules.
  3. Click add.
  4. Choose map field, based on condition.
  5. In the form below, choose the selling channel and order number to test:
  6. On the next page, add a rule.
  7. You will see fields to compare.

Rule running on wrong site

Read this guide on using the selling channel name field.

Wrong action chosen

Go to your rule. If you want to map a SKU, is the action correct?

Daisy Chain

You have multiple rules that add a shipping surcharge. Export your rules to a spreadsheet. Delete similar rules. Readd the rules one by one. Read this guide on rules that ran.