New Connex UI 11/06/2023 - Pairing Connex to QuickBooks Desktop.

Errors "Authentication Failed" , "QBWC 1012", and "HTTP 404". Need to re-pair Connex to QuickBooks Desktop.


You are unable to sync QuickBooks Desktop and Connex for QuickBooks.


When you first installed Connex, you were given a pairing file that told QuickBooks the location of our website. On November 6th, we changed our UI. Your web connector must be updated to use a new URL to find our website.

If you open a pairing file with notepad, you will see a section called AppUrl. This tells the web connector where to find us.

If you download a pairing file after November 6th, here is the AppUrl


If you are an existing customer prior to November 6th, here is the old AppUrl


If you visit, you will get a 404 not found error.


Update your web connector's pairing file to point to a new URL.

Here are the steps:

  1. Reminder: QuickBooks should be logged in as Admin and on SINGLE USER  mode before doing these steps.
  2. Open QuickBooks and log in to company file. Use admin access and on a SINGLE USER MODE. To confirm you are in SINGLE USER MODE you can click File and you should see "Switch to Multi-user Mode".
    If you see Switch to Single-user mode, you are NOT in single user mode. (If not followed properly you will still get authentication failed)

    Another way of confirming you are on Single-User mode is if you DO NOT see (Multi-User) on the top bar of your QuickBooks.

  3. In your QuickBooks click Edit > Preferences > Integrated applications > Company Preferences > Click the connection > click remove.
  4. Open your web Connector. You have 2 ways to open web connector, In your QuickBooks click File > App management > Update web services. OR go to your desktop start menu and search web connector.

  5. Once your web connector is up, please click remove on the file you want to remove.

  6. After you remove a small warning window will pop out, click Yes
  7. You might see this window pop out, please choose "Yes, always allow access even if QuickBooks is not running" and on the dropdown Login as please choose "Admin". If you don't get this window please proceed to the next step. 
  8. Open your Connex

  9. On your new Connex UI dashboard please click on "Settings"

  10. Click "Connex Settings"

  11. Choose "pair computer" tab
  12. Hit Pair QuickBooks ( This will download a new pairing file)
  13. Open web connector again and click add applications on lower right

  14. Browse your newly downloaded pairing file which would normally be in your downloads folder, click the file and click open

  15. "Authorize New Web Service" window will pop out, click OK
  16. Tick the check mark on the left hand side of web connector(may ask for password just put 1234) , then click update selected on top

Please do one whole set of these steps for each of your problematic connections in Connex.(if you have more than one)