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Error: We're sorry, QuickBooks encountered an error while calculating tax

How to determine the cause and solution for QuickBooks error message "We're sorry, QuickBooks encountered an error while calculating tax."


When syncing a transaction to QuickBooks, the following error message from QuickBooks is returned to Connex:

Error: We're sorry, QuickBooks encountered an error while calculating tax. Try re-selecting the tax rate or reentering the product/service item and saving the form again.


QuickBooks does not allow the mapped tax code on a specific transaction. In general, this could mean that QuickBooks has deactivated (made inactive) some of the sales tax codes and a new one must be mapped. Alternatively, this can be caused by renaming sales tax codes. This most commonly occurs on international versions of QuickBooks. 


Canada Users Map Another Tax Code

This error occurs on some QuickBooks Canada sales. QuickBooks has deactivated some tax codes and you must map a new one. 

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click manage.
  3. Click sales tax.
  4. Find the Canadian region that maps the sale.
  5. Delete the mapping.
  6. Add the mapping again with the proper tax code.

United Kingdom Users Delete Mappings

We have seen this issue on QuickBooks Europe users. Try deleting your tax mappings for the country causing the error. Our tool will sync 0% Z or 20% S. Resync your sale.

QuickBooks Updates

At times, QuickBooks can perform updates for their users and this issue can occur. Please contact our support with the log entry.