Should I sync ShipStation or my selling channels directly?

A guide on the pros and cons

What are the advantages of ShipStation only?

ShipStation downloads most data from the sale, but some fields are missing. Here is a list:

  1. Pair multiple channels and ShipStation still counts as 1. If your order volume is within silver, you use a lower priced plan.
  2. Add channels to ShipStation only. Easier to set-up.
  3. ShipStation supports channels like eBay where we have no direct integration. You can sync more channels.
  4. Sync sales when they ship.
  5. Some refunds may not sync. ShipStation has no support for partial refunds.
  6. No deposit match. We have no access to your settlement reports.
  7. No merchant fees. You must enter these, when you perform deposit match.

What are the advantages of Shopify or Amazon direct?

You will get a more reliable and accurate sync channel direct, though there are higher costs. Each channel means a high price tier at Connex. Here is a list:

  1. Amazon and Shopify support deposit match.
  2. Two way inventory sync with Amazon or Shopify directly paired.
  3. Full and partial refunds will sync because we receive them from the channel.
  4. Access to custom fields, which ShipStation may not download.