Sync sales from QuickBooks fails

Unable to sync sales from QuickBooks to ShipStation


No sales sync from QuickBooks to ShipStation.


You have a rule, an address that is incorrectly formatted, or the sync has failed to run.


Review rules

Go to rules > my rules. Review rules with the action do not export sales from QuickBooks. Delete or update the rules.

Class is empty

Log into Connex. Click settings. Click orders from QuickBooks. Review the class field. If your settings say export sales orders with class ShipStation and your sale has no class, then the sync would fail:

An invoice or a sales order without ShipStation as the class would fail to sync.

Tracking Number

Any sale with a tracking number in QuickBooks will fail to sync. Our tool assumes the sale is a duplicate because it has already shipped.

Arizona Time Zone

Please contact us and we will adjust your account.

Sync Enabled

Go to settings > orders from QuickBooks. Ensure the sync orders from QuickBooks box is checked. Under types of transactions to sync, it should say invoices or sales orders. Under class, select ShipStation or no class. Click save. If QB Online, click scheduled tasks. You should have a task called OrdersToECommerce.

Invalid Address

Log into Connex. Check the log for errors. If you see invalid address, read this guide.

Run Web Connector

If you use QuickBooks Desktop, log into QuickBooks. Go to file and click update web services. Run the web connector.

Manual Sync

Log into Connex. Go to settings > order setting > orders from QuickBooks. Try a 6 - 12 hour date range. Click the date created field.

Read this guide about changing the sync dates. Choose the field date created from the manual sync form. If you want a sale from 11/29, enter 11/28 to 11/30.