The user you are trying to log in with is already logged in from another machine

QuickBooks is closed. The web connector tries to open QuickBooks and login, but the user that is tries is already logged into another machine. This usually happens with another user logs in as admin, while the web connector runs on another machine.

How do I resolve this error?

You must assign another user for the web connector to login. You can also login to the company file as admin and run the web connector.

To assign another user, here are the steps:

  1. If you have another admin user, skip to step four. Otherwise, log into QuickBooks as admin.
  2. Go to company and click users > set up users and roles.
  3. Add a new user and add them to the admin role. If you wish to assign lower permissions, please read this guide.
  4. In QuickBooks, go to edit and click preferences.
  5. Click integrated applications.
  6. Next to Connex (or the name of your affected connection), select it from the list, and then click properties.
  7. Next to users, select another user to login: 
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